Office Locked Up


Our day to day business hours is from 8am-5 pm. I usually go to the office a bit early to avoid getting caught in traffic. Being in the service department, I also need to accommodate early calls from our customers who needs support and assistance regarding our products and some technical problems.

I have to log-in thirty minutes ahead of the opening time. But sometime last week, our office key is nowhere to be found. The downside? We don’t have a master nor spare key for it. Boo! I was in-charge with the key and I really don’t know what to do. I was hoping that we have an emergency Locksmith Calgary within the area to help us in opening the main door of our office.

The Locksmith Calgary NW offers a professional service in locksmith, emergency vehicle and door open-ups, be it a residential or business type of establishment. You can put your trust and confidence in them as they give you a smooth and hassle free process of unlocking those doors or gates of your offices. They are available 24/7 so you really can count on them anytime you encounter a problem.

I better need to get a key duplicate again. I just hope that I won’t lose it again or I’ll end up calling locksmith service for the nth time. 🙂

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