How To Make A Style Statement For Small Bedroom

Dream house do often have this picture of every big and spacious rooms filled with luxurious furniture and high end appliances. Of course, everybody loves to have such kind of house that really brings comfort and convenience.

Reality check, not everyone can afford to have those mansions and palace looking dream houses. One can always find and go for the simple yet elegant home that perfectly fits their style and personality.

There are big benefits out of having a small home like having less cleaning time, energy saving and efficiency, added the fact that it challenges your creativity to make that small bedroom look like a big, spacious and yet functional room that you may find comfort to rest and sleep in.

So how do you make a small bedroom style statement?

Get that creativity juice start flowing and go ahead on that makeover 101 for your small bedroom.

  • The bed is the center piece that everyone notice when entering the bedroom. A nice and oversized headboard works well as it makes a style statement and is a stand out in the room. Perfect to accentuate as a wall design too. One can either go for the metal frame or wooden one.


  • Perfect bedding adds up by having those luxury beds setting of elegant and class. Those duvet covers that consists of silky soft and fluffy look makes more even comfier and looks pleasing to the eyes.


  • A nice Bedroom curtain also made up a look for your room, so you can always check on the best way to hang those lovelies to create a nice impact on you bedroom.
  • Choose the right colour scheme for your bedroom. The color of your room sets in the mood and ambiance. A light one is perfect over the dark ones to make it look bigger because the latter tends to make it look crowded. Colour should also jive with the furnishings around the room.
  • Choose the right theme the fits your style, personality and preference. You can go for the touch of feminine, the modern or country style, vintage look, sensual, glamorous

Making a style statement for your small bedroom doesn’t have to be costly and hurt your pockets. Proper mix and match, research, planning and organizing, styling and drawing inspirations out of that wonderful idea of your dream house will help your through in designing that small nook in your home.

17 thoughts on “How To Make A Style Statement For Small Bedroom

  1. Lovely tips! I shall try to remember all these tips when I have my own house. I dream not of owning a mansion. As long as there’s enough space for a happy family, that’s alright for me πŸ™‚

  2. very cool tips! the color is a big thing in making the room look spacious. i always use lighter tones on my walls, and curtains, so it look brighter during the day.

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