Organizing Tips 101: Plastic Storage Solution

I bought this dental floss in Watsons last month. It’s on a buy one take one sales promo at around P60 or $1.40 something. The other casing got empty and I thought of using it for another purpose. Recycling is the key!

The outside cover



The inside: A number of floss


I carefully peeled off the  sticker cover, since there was still excess sticker that remains after pulling it off. I made use of oil then wipe off with alcohol and rinsed it with hot water to remove the remaining sticky paper on it. It really took me quite sometime to take it off. whew!

Voila! I got another storage solution for our rechargeable batteries that perfectly fits into the dental floss storage.


For more creative juices, you can even print a sticker label on to it! But for now, I prefer not to put one. The transparency will make it more easier for me to look on what’s inside the plastic storage.



So the next time you buy something, think twice before throwing up that packaging, will it still be useful? Think of a nice way on how you can make  it beneficial the other way around.


I just save money on buying another storage for batteries and what a steal buying on a buy-one-take-one basis! Happy Recycling! 🙂

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