Handsome Home Decor

Perhaps you’ve been on a charity house tour or maybe you’ve looked at new sample homes or better homes for sale in your neighborhood – often they feature incredibly chic and stylish bedding and window treatments that look as if they may have cost thousands of dollars. You may be interested to learn that some of the savviest decorators don’t call in a professional; instead they do it themselves by shopping online and using the power of the internet to achieve professional results.

While you may not be able to install a bathroom on par with those found in the better homes and hotels you can still enjoy many of the same or comparable amenities. Luxurious Egyptian cotton, plush or terry towels are readily available online as are top quality bath and shower mats. By adding a teak shower bench, bath mat or towel ladder you can create a spa-like feeling in your bathroom.

Two amenities commonly found in better homes and hotels include towel warmers and handheld showerheads. Step out of the shower and wrap yourself in a hot fluffy towel – it’s easy when you invest in a counter-top, freestanding or wall-mount towel warmer. Towel warmers are not only luxurious; they are quite practical and can be used to fry fine washables, to warm baby clothes, mittens and blankets and to dry swimsuits.

A handheld showerhead is great for family members of all ages – seniors and invalids can bathe while seated while parents can easily shampoo a child’s hair. A handheld showerhead makes it easy to wash pets, water plants and clean the shower or tub enclosure; most ca be installed without the aid of a plumber.


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