Goodbye May and Hello June!

Goodbye summer and hello rainy season! We still have two weeks before the classes starts, but I think other schools will start their classes as early as next week.

We were done with the school supplies shopping last weekend. I just have to do the notebook and book coverings after I got their class section for labeling purposes.

Kids also got their new sets of uniforms,we were somehow required to buy the little boy his new polo although it will be his last year for the preschool because they have changed the new style and design of the uniform.

The little girl on the other hand has outgrown her school uniform, we bought it when she was in grade one  and she’s able  to use it until Grade two. Now she got a couple of new pairs of it including their knee high socks with their school logo in it.

We still got some school things to buy on our list and we need to condition ourselves and prepare the kids for another year of fun learning and education then, we’re all set for the school year 2012-2013! 🙂

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