Weekend Rest and Life Thoughts To Ponder In

Finally, another work week is over. Time to de-stress after a ( not so really )busy schedule. Been into this work for almost five years now, but there are times that I still feel like a newbie. Maybe just like anybody else who are stuck into the monotony of work and  some people don’t really get to appreciate you being around, you get that ill feeling of sadness. But there’s no doubt that this job has helped me to make ends meet and I am grateful for that! I guess I just have to go back to the the very main purpose why I decided to hold on to this job and that is to learn, earn money and experience.

I still got a long way to go, although I felt that I am going nowhere career wise. But I have to live in the present and go with the flow for the meantime. I am not getting any younger ( Oh, I remember I got to look for the best term life insurance,for my family’s sake, just in case! )my kids are growing up too fast that I almost didn’t noticed and get to enjoy seeing and being with them in their growing up years just because there are times I can’t really take a leave from work. Health wise, I got tons of body aches here and there. I have a a long overdue plan of going for a check up to my OB, pending Ultrasound to check on my myoma and poly cystic ovary. Now, a persistent chest pain and difficulty in swallowing is bothering me lot. I just hope nothing serious about that. For now, I have to appreciate little things going my way. As the saying goes, “Life is too short so find time to enjoy and live life”

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