Coffee, Anyone?!

I can’t seem to remember the first time I fell in love with coffee. I guess I was about in my teens 🙂 It used to be my companion during those sleepless nights that I had to deal with my notes and books for an examination period the next days. My mom would usually make me a cup or two upon seeing me awake and studying. From there, coffee seems to be my best buddy during times I am alone and needed something to keep me up all through the night.

I used to love black one with only a little sugar and no cream or milk in it. Those were the times were the only thing we could afford is the instant coffee. Ahaha! But as times go by, my taste seeks for some changes as to flavor and aroma. I have tried out different kinds and of different mix and flavor. But I would still go from the basic when all thing seems not appealing to me anymore.

Nowadays, there are different of coffee such as cappuccino, lattes, espresso, americano and the likes. But one things’ for sure. I would like to have and made one myself. Nothing beats having a cup you made and of your choice. So I am long dreaming to have Coffee Makers by Hamilton Beach at the comfort of our home, waking up in the morning or just anytime I feel like drinking a cup of coffee and having a coffee fix at instant! offers different kinds of coffee maker and I having a hard time what to choose. lol! Good thing they are all budget friendly and of quality made at the same time. Now this really caught my eye.


A Hamilton beach Espresso Machine

How about getting a taste of those cafe-like aromas at the comfort of your own home. Oh I love sippin’ such thing. Let’s have coffee, anyone?! 🙂

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