An Easy Move With Ship-Smart

There are few changes in our lives that we have to deal with one way or another. Getting started and building up a new life with your partner/ spouse is one. I am used to living comfortably with my parents until I had to move to my hubby’s place. Not that it’s a big move, but there are so many things that I have to take care of like packing and sorting out my things, I had to clean up first my room and throw out some old things that is not important anymore. I have made money on some of them when I did sold items on ebay. 🙂

Other stuffs that I decided to keep were cleaned up and put on a safety box. I had to do some packing list to save me from headache once I have to do the unpacking and organizing of my things to hubby’s place. Dealing with all the cleaning, packing, sorting and labeling is really quite a task. A few things have been misplaced and can no longer be found after the move.

Had I known earlier of Ship-Smart, a company providing moving services. I might have saved myself and DH with all the troubles dealing with a not so good local moving company who were not able to live up to their commitment to us. Time, money and effort were exhausted with them as their services were no good. So the next time we have to do some moving again, we will definitely keep Ship Smart on our top list priority of moving service to get.

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