Hair Loss Problem

Lace Hair Systems UK

I haven’t still found the remedy for my hair loss problem since then I got my hair rebond two years ago. I tried different shampoo, conditioner and other hair treatment products but to no avail. My hair is still dry and prone to breakage. It is curly even more now. So I have no choice but to tie my hair up always :(.

A friend suggested to try and use an organic shampoo and conditioner. I hope that it will work with my hair this time or I’ll end up looking for the best hair transplant doctors in the country if ever. I am very eager to get back my used to healthy and shiny black hair. I hope not to end up using wig or any kind of artificial hair to cover up baldness which will be surely the end result if I continuously experience my hair loss problem. Got to find the effective remedy for it and regain the shine of my crowning glory.

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