Hello October!

… Ok, I know I am a day late again, so what’s new?! Hehehe. I wanted to do my first hurray blog post yesterday but decided the last minute to get off from the computer and enjoy lazing around offline.

The usual chores laundry and cleaning kept me busy on a Saturday morning while the kids were wailing, playing, writing, fighting and crying in between :). Despite having Typhoon Quiel around the metro, we are on psws # 1, clothes were blow dried by the winds while there was a few rain. But northern part of Luzon, especially in Bulacan part were submerged still in the floods due to the water release of Dams since Typhoon Pedring.

I was able to slowdown come lunch time, did catch on sleep after and were able to peek online for a couple of hours in the afternoon. We were able to “skype” around with DH’s sister in Australia early evening, Gabby showed off her “waka-waka” dance performance while her cousin Ate I danced too with matching disco lights on. Ahaha! I had some drama during our dinner as I walked-out in the middle of everything because I just can’t stand off DH’s nagging while we were all eating. 🙁 Not much of a big deal but hey, it’s not nice to be saying negative stuffs while eating right. How can one enjoy the food?!

I slept around 9 p.m and was in the Lalaland in no time 🙂

So that sums up my first day of October, nothing fancy or extravagant to celebrate with, just our typical everyday-but, so grateful and thankful to the big man up there for the small and big blessings that he never fails to shower us on especially at times when we badly needed them most. God is good all the time…

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