Quick Update

For the nth time, pardon again for the lack of updates. Been too busy to sit down in front of the PC for a long time. Though I am up as early as 4 am every morning, it seems like I still need a lot more to finish everything on time. DH is off for a month long vacation outside the country, so I solely have to deal with taking care and attending to my kids’ need every morning before they head off to school. It’s a crazy schedule I tell you, I am still on the adjustment period but it pretty works well as I don’t have to excuse myself to office work. I just have to prioritize more of my offline duties for the meantime.

I am so looking forward to weekend already so that I can relax a bit. My only problem is budgeting and cooking. 😀 I really need to sharpen my skills on these two. Kids are now starting to miss their Chef daddy! Ok, I admit I don’t cook any special dish since the Dad left and it’s either fried eggs, omelet, fish that I can cook and I usually buy cooked meals in a nearby store. This weekend, my mom and sister will come over and we can eat some home cooked meals. hehe. DH brought with him the P/S camera so I just rely on my phone’s camera for some photo snaps that I put here in my blog. So there will be a slowdown for some personal posts here, but will try my best to update every once in awhile.

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