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I haven’t been active in my online activities aside from reading news about the magnitude 8.9 earthquake and Tsunami that hit Japan. We all fervently pray that they would be able to survive the crisis and may the good Lord comfort and bless them, especially those that have lost their families and still struggling until now as for the threat of nuclear radiation.

On a good note, the kids were done with their final exams this week and their classes will be until this Friday only, yay! that means mornings will be less stressful for me.:D I can also look into other pending household projects that needs to be done like putting up another bed for the little girl, we want to get rid of the one that she’s currently using because its too small for her now. We are looking for quality adjustable beds on a nearby furniture store and hope we could find one that will fit the budget. We are also on the party planning stage for the little girl’s 7th birthday which will be on the last week of April. Hope all things turn out fine. I just do hope that my blogging mojo will go back too so I can fill my other blogs with  updates. lol!

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