My Star Scout’s Indoor Day Camp

Dear daughter reminded me Friday night to wake her up early on Saturday morning as they need to be in school at 6:30 am. All the Star scout (girls only) will be having an indoor day camp at their school premises. They were asked to bring planting gloves, extra shirt, face towel and light snacks. As always, she is excited whenever they have school activity. She was even bugging me to think of a cheer for their group, I told her I don’t know what kind of cheer would they be doing and then she said, “we already have one, but I am just preparing for a new cheer just in case” LOL!

She handed us this winning badge as they were the cleanest cluster in planting and other activities…


Her Daddy pick her up before lunch time and she came home with a Nilagang camote or “Sweet Potato”, in which they have cooked during the indoor camp, and then she handed us this oregano flower that they planted, we just did transfer it to a bigger pot.



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