A Tiring Yet Happy Weekend

I just woke up from a few hours sleep. I was dead tired the whole day yesterday. Woke up very early to do the laundry and cleaned up our room. My family (mom, aunt, sister and niece) came over before lunch to greet and treat me since it was my birthday last Friday. We did have Chicken Afritada and Beef steak for lunch. They also ordered  Pancit Malabon good for around 15 persons.

I am really blessed to have such a supportive family around me and I am really thankful and grateful for it. We did some catching up and almost had an endless talk  from family issues, gossips, work related stuffs, politics, etc. We even discussed about rv repair as we did some summer getaway planning and we were thinking of renting a rv vehicle for about a number of people. Hope our plans materialize as it has been a few years since we did have a family outing.

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