Dressing Up The Wheels

Our old van was damaged during the typhoon’s wrath in the last quarter of 2009. It took us quite sometime before figuring out what to do. Since we will be needing big funds for its recovery, DH’s sister decide to just sell it. Though we badly need one for traveling purpose, especially for our out of town trips when commuting through PUV is really inconvenient. we have no choice but to let it go. One of the few things one has to consider when owning a car, is to allot a certain funds for its proper maintenance and other things needed likeĀ  repairs, insurance, gas, etc.

Another thing of course is accessorizing it, especially for those car enthusiast who really takes time in dressing up their wheels and usually consider it an important thing next to their wives or partners.lol! There are certain parts of the cars that has its double purpose aside from acting like an accessory to beautify and give the car a distinctive look, but also serves as a protection. Also it is the first thing that gets notice by other people, like the truck grill that protects some inner parts of your car. There are different styles and design that you can choose from depending upon the quality and materials used for the certain item and of course the one that suits your taste and preferences.

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