Vacation Mode Over

It was indeed a fruitful 3 days off from my online world, we had a very busy schedule over the long weekend..

Last Saturday, we went to attend my daughter’s Girl’s Scout Investiture Ceremony. I asked my niece L to be my little girl’s sponsor, we were at their school gymnasium at around 8:00 o’ clock in the morning. I thought of bringing a bushnell binoculars as I am afraid of not being able to see her during the program because there were hundreds of them performing, but glad that we were seated at the bleachers near the stage. The investiture ceremony highlight was the parents putting up their yellow neckerchief and the sponsor on the girl scout’s pin. Had some picture taking after the program..

We went to DH’s Aunt’s welcome party around 4 p.m on the same day, kids were so hyper playing around. Elders, on the other hand were too busy catching up on each other. We had a very sumptuous dinner and ate lots of cake- Ube cake c/o Ate Irene and a Red Ribbon’s Mocha cake. More photos to share on my next posts. 🙂

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