My Artscow Photobooks

Finally, I was able to get hold of these PB’s last night. DH sent me a text message yesterday morning that my photo book was delivered by Mr. Postman (saved up on P35 delivery charge again!). I was so excited that I want to go home early. So I took some shots w/ the mouse for you to have an idea on its size..

The 8×8 PB (39 pages) costs $19.49 but I only paid $11.99 for the shipping fee, thanks to the free credist. The 6×6 photobook was originally  priced @ $7.99 plus shipping/handling fee of $5.99 that would be $12.99 but thanks to the Facebook shout and share promo that I got the coupon discount and I only get to pay for it @ $0.99 only. yey !

8×8( Green and Yellow Color) and 6×6(Black Color) sized Photobook



The 8×8 sized Photobook- Our travel vacation last July

(Front cover)


The inside pages






(Back Cover)


See here my 6×6 photobook!

2 thoughts on “My Artscow Photobooks

    1. @ Mich, oo nga eh, medyo di ko rin expect na ganon kaliit, though known na 6x 6 nga ang size, di ko kasi sinukat. ahaha! pero worth it naman for the promo price. re: clear, not as you expect it to be like the one inupload mo, medyo malabo din.

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