TGIF again!

This week was a slowdown for me on my online activities and that includes updating my blogs well, though I managed to changed this theme for the nth! I just let it be, some sort of flushing out the negativity vibes I had with my work activity. Hoping the regain and be able to find the kick in the coming days.

Offline activities are getting into me the whole week, glad that I was able to survive again a week in my office environment and there’s not much stressful thing that I dealt with aside from some rude suppliers. I am able to get back in  to my regular sleeping schedule too, not much pimples on my face. Ahaha! weight issues?! oh well, sad to say that I am still on the heavy side and I am really getting close to taking diet pills already if all these dieting plans will not work out on me. It’s hard but still not losing hope that I’ll be able to work out on my eating habits. 

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