Out of the Blue

I don’t really know what’s getting into me why I had this sudden feeling of being low again.  Though I was able to regain lost energy during my crazy schedule last week and having a day off from work yesterday, still I just can cope up on being the same high spirited me. I guess I am just PMSing and hope that it will soon go away as my mood is badly affected and can’t focus on work and other tasks.

Glad that weekend is near and I don’t have stressful deadlines to meet, not that I am complaining as I will happily oblige if there’s one coming my way 🙂 that would mean another added funds for us to keep up with our bills to pay.I need to meet up with my OB soon to discuss with her some symptoms I am having on my hips, there are times that I am having a feeling of labor pains and it really gives me so much discomfort. Hope it’s nothing serious..

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