Offline Updates

As much as I want to catch up on my online activities the more my offline to do’s are getting into me.

Friday to do’s @ the office:

  • Payroll
  • follow up collections
  • bank errands
  • update all new filing system- all online based. cool!
  • prepare SSS, philhealth and  pag-ibig payments

Saturday to do’s

  • laundry
  • Parent-teacher conference @ 10 a.m
  • Distribution of report card
  • grocery in the afternoon


  • Laundry and ironing of clothes
  • other household chores
  • catch on sleep
  • study time with kids

I hope that I will be able to deliver on all these and of course I need to squeeze in between some online activities  as I need to meet some deadlines and updates to all of my blogs. I also need to finish my pending photo books  and avail some much needed picture printouts.

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