Today’s Flower #104/ Ruby Tuesday: Hibiscus



This is lovely red flower Hibiscus or fondly known in the Philippines as Gumamela. This has been my favorite flower, I remember during our childhood days when my friends and I would pick one and use it as an accessory and play pretend as fairy or beauty queen. lol! sometimes we also use when playing bubbles, we would mince the leaves and extract its juice which is a sticky liquid perfect for  producing the bubbles. 😀

– photo taken at The Park,

Brgy. Tignoan Real, Quezon

2 thoughts on “Today’s Flower #104/ Ruby Tuesday: Hibiscus

  1. Your hibiscus photos are phenomenal, so beautiful. Hibiscus are a true work of art and your shots show that beautifully. Thanks for sharing them with Today’s Flowers.

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