Fruitful Week Ahead

A productive and fruitful week is what I am aiming to have. I need good vibes to attract positive results and I need to work hard to achieve a more bountiful blessings. A little push and a prayer will definitely give a good valuable outcome right?! So much with the negativity and ill feelings that I have over the weekend or I’ll drown myself to the pit of boredom and not so good mantra.

So for this week, I need to make a careful and well detailed plan of activities to ensure that I am on the right track.

  • a review session every night for the little boy as this week is their first quarter examination.
  • assist Gabby in doing her assignments- glad that she can now manage doing all by herself but I still need to check it out to ensure that she’s doing right and help her out on some of their projects.
  • Will go to salon to inquire how much it is to undergo a laser hair removal to finally get rid of this my all time problem on armpit hair and get through with the old fashion way of of plucking as it is time consuming. I hope that it will fit my budget. lol!
  • Manage my online time wisely and dedicate specific time for each task and update blogs with personal posts as much as possible.
  • Shopping treat for the kids. 🙂

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