Rest Day

I was absent from work yesterday because I was not feeling well. Last Monday upon reaching home, DH called me up asking me to accompany Tita Belle to BSA Tower in front of GB5 where DH’s sister and family were checked-in . DH was also there together w/ Nicco. We reached the hotel around 7 p.m and they were waiting for us as we are set to have the dinner. A woman in her mid twenties came in at the elevator when we were going down. She was all dressed up and looked elegant. But only to be dismay as we ( oh yes, people around us inside the elevator) saw some hair popping out from her under arms.

She badly needs some laser hair removal to save her from embarrassing situations like that. She noticed that all were eyes on her and hurriedly went out the next floor. Oh well, woman should be careful enough on things like that and should always make sure that one has to observe proper hygiene too. We has a sumptuous dinner at Via Mare and indulged on Filipino cuisines. I so love the dessert as I had Halo-halo with Ube ice cream on top. We did all enjoy the night and we went home past twelve midnight. I was really dead tired and so I was not able to report to work the next day.

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