House Plans

We made some minor renovations and worked on a makeover on some parts of the house. Much as we wanted to do more, our budget is limited as of this time. It has been part of our goal to put up and build our dream house. Though it’s a long time away and a needs lot of work in progress, planning is the best we can do so far. Doing the research and careful study on how we can make the build realized, one step at a time.

As of now, we are looking for some inspiration through the designs around, hoping that we can incorporate the design elements once we start to build our own. We are looking at different home plans to see what will fit with our needs. carries the necessary and well detailed information that is very helpful to anyone who is looking for resources and first hand tips for homes plans, they have been in the business for quite sometime making supporting their reputation for a lot of expertise when it comes to house projects and other needs for your home.

DH and I wanted a simple yet elegant design for our would be dream house. Since we are just four in the family a medium sized house floor plan would do. Living in a tropical country, the architectural designs must bear the different types of weather conditions. Putting up a swimming pool is another idea that we wanted to have with our new home.

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