Kids Activities This Summer

With the scorching hot weather we have this summer, we were not able to enroll the kids to summer activity programs being offered near our place. We just let them play around the house and had some recreational indoor activities like doing art projects like paintings, clay moldings, etc…  And of course they were also able to get a dip to the water, thanks to the inflatable pool :D. Kids were a bit sad that we were not able to go to a beach outing with my sil’s family  two weeks ago, the little boy got a swimmer’s ear that’s why and to make it up to them, we bought them nice Baseball Gloves similar to that being offered at wherein they offer a  wide variety of choices for kids sports apparel and sporting goods and other related products. The next time I shop online, I will try out their gift ideas which I definitely think is a nice catch and will surely be a great hit for sporty sports kiddos out there. A nephew of DH will be celebrating his birthday next month and being a baseball fanatic that he is, he would definitely appreciate a nice pair of gloves or sports apparel.

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