Accident or Not?

DH and I went to nearby Watson’s store to buy a comb, yes I l dragged him off to go with me since I really wanted a replacement asap. 😛 I am already at the counter when this guy (American) came inside the store, he got bruises all over his body and a swollen face, clothes ripped off and no shoes. He took bottled water and was telling the guard that he’ll just pay it when he comes back and that he’ll just get some money. The cashier pitied him that she just let the American guy to get the water and charge the bill to herself. We were all puzzled as we saw him walk away, nobody dared to ask what happened to him but it seems that he met some accident or he’s been beaten up by some bad guy. He definitely needs the services of a Personal Injury Lawyers to clear things up and take the necessary actions if there is really and accident or whatever case he met.

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