Friday To Do’s

Thank God it’s Friday! it means less stress for me as I can go and stay up late tonight without worries of getting cranky the next day as I can have the reason to extend my sleep because I don’t have to go to the office. lol! though my weekend will also be filled with household activities as we’re not yet done cleaning our room and the kids room. It’s really hard organizing and sorting kids things since mostly are toys and other knick-knacks I couldn’t throw away as they will still play with it even its broken. lol We’ll see if we could find time and go to our parent’s place in Sampaloc. As for today there are things I need to finish here at the office:

  • Payroll
  • follow up collections
  • bank transactions
  • follow up for warranty items
  • Update some records

And for online activities, I need to:

  • Update blogs with personal updates- Gabby’s graduation, kids summer activities..
  • Submit my finished works for Article directory
  • Search template for my other blogs.
  • Pay renewal for hosting.
  • Upload photos fro the PB project.
  • Update and create templates for my to do’s, Cash flow tracker for a better and organized schedule of my activities.

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