First for March

How really time flies so fast we are now on the third month of the year. Many things had happened that I really couldn’t update this blog of mine that much. Wednesday last week, Gabby’s school was caught on fire and so DH went to their school yesterday to follow up the status of their class he noticed that the construction is on going now, he was informed by the teacher that classes will probably starts tomorrow and their summative exam is canceled as they will proceed to their 4th grading final exam by next week. This week will gonna be their review week. February ended not so great as the magnitude of 8.8 earthquake in Chile claimed many lives and properties once again. Yesterday, there was a Tsunami alert on Pacific Rim and that includes some of our nearby localities near the coastal areas, thank God it didn’t happened and hope it won’t happen anytime again. May God keep us always safe and away from harm in the coming days…

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