Weekend Recap


Friday last week, DH asked me to go straight to our parents place in Sampaloc as the kids were requesting that they wanted to see cousin Dwayne. They went there around afternoon and DH bought pansit malabon and Pan De Manila bread as pasalubong.I arrived at around 6 p.m and had a little chit chat with my sister as Nanay wasn’t around yet. We went to SM Hypermarket near JRU along Shaw blvd. to do some grocery. Too bad I wasn’t able to watch the “May Bukas Pa” ending. tsk! tsk! Did stay up late that night and slept around 2 a.m.

Saturday morning, I was nursing a headache as I woke up. Oh boy! it was terrible indeed as I can’t get up from bed. I was only able to laundry clothes before lunch. Slept the whole afternoon with kids. Sunday morning was spent with laundry again and ironing of clothes after. We went to Robinsons Pioneer before lunch to buy some grocery again and electric kettle, had lunch at Mongolian quick stop, we had mongolian beef, spicy squid pasta, friend tofu and ice cream for dessert, love their mongolian burger. Wasn’t able to take snap of the foods that we had as we weren’t able to brought along the digicam with us. We went home around 1 p.m and I slept again from 1:30 to 5 p.m. See how sleepy head I am? lol! Now I am fully charged and was able to catch up on my sleepless nights… have a great week ahead!!!

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