Happy New Year!

5 days late I know, but as they say” better late than never” tehee. I am quite stressed out with the chores around the house. We’re renovating the bathroom, putting up an access door from the bedroom and putting up the closet to another side. Clothes, things, dust, clutter are everywhere. DH told me that all will be done today but I know another round is coming up the next few weeks for the finishing and paintings. We’ll be buying some stuffs for the bathroom and bedroom before weekend. Tiles for the flooring and paintings comes next. We’re just hoping we won’t be short with the budget as expenses are piling up for this month, need to pay Gabby’s tuition fee, field trip, phone and DSL bills. But I am positive that we’ll be able to pull it off! Being positive is one thing that I want to always keep in mind. May we all have an abundant blessings for the rest of the year.

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