Getting An Online Degree

I remember how high spirited I am when I was still studying in high school, I always dream of becoming a good lawyer someday. My mom loves the idea too as my big brother is taking up law at that time. But as I entered my junior level in high school and our family encountered financial crisis then, I almost gave up and wanted to quit right there and then. I opted to stop schooling after I graduated from high school, but enrolled in college after a year. I helped my parents in our family business during that time. I am not a stand out student but I didn’t gave my parents a headache the entire four year course I took. But I was not able to fulfill my dream of becoming a lawyer… But I am happy that I was able to finish a college degree, being a working mom now, there was still this longing for me to get in to school again. I wanted to pursue and get an UOP online degree this time. I think this will fit a very busy mom like me since I will be able to allot this one, proper time management is the answer. There is no age for education, for as long as you wanted to learn.

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