Sunday Activity

I should have been relaxed and at ease but my schedule for today was not met since I wasn’t able to do the laundry yesterday, I slept very late last night to finish my online tasks but were not able to finish them all and I woke up very early to the do the laundry and went to my parents place before lunch. Got home at around 3 p.m and I really felt so tired and sleepy, took a 1 hour sleep and now I am up to finish another round of household chores. Oh well, I need to iron my office clothes and Gabby’s school uniform. I need to sleep early tonight to recharge and be ready for another week of office works! BTW, a relative of DH from YS is inviting us to come over as they have the Las Vegas Show Tickets on hand. OH well, a trip to the US has been a long time dream for us.

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