Still Wide Awake

up to this wee hours… It’s been a busy day for me, started my day as early as 6 a.m to do the laundry and help DH in gardening, cleaned our room and kitchen and slept with the kids on their afternoon nap but I ended up sleeping at 3 p.m and woke up at 6. LOL! just in time for our dinner. Watched the Pinoy Big Brother awhile ago and got the feeling that Jimson will be the one evicted at big brother’s house and I was right! Oh well I’m glad th Jason is saved as I was a fan of Jason-Melai love tandem. Ahaha! I think Melai will got a career as a comedienne once she goes out the house. We will be having a simple celebration of DH’s birthday later lunch today. We invited my family and some friends to come over.

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