Coin Collections

People have different views and opinions, to each is own as they always say. There are also passions that we get involved with, depends on what we believe and feel like doing! Sometimes, we don’t really get what other people are doing, it may seem so irrelevant for us but so important for other people. A common hobby or interest lets us create a harmonious relationship with others as it keeps us attach at the same wavelength. Some are into sports, crafts, baking cooking,etc. etc.

A unique hobby that some people do is collecting coins, like that of the morgan dollars, and my Dad is one of them. He’s into collecting rare coins since he was young. According to him, his late grandfather gave him an old coin and told him to keep it as a token of remembrance. He kept it and later on developed the likeness and started to collect ones. At first, it seem just a simple hobby for him but as he continues to collect, he did some research about the coins and found out the significant value of those metal thingy. One differs from the other and so the stories of his collections started to grow. He would even travel different places and meet up with some other people with the same interest and common factor doing activities mostly about coins.

One of the recent topics and never ending discussions is about the 2009 Silver Eagle Coins Canceled which resulted to disappointment of the hundreds of coin collectors. Changes like these has a major effect on them of course as we all know how they value their precious collection! For some people who collect coins because of investment purposes are affected with it. Different coins have different value depending on it age and rareness. I think the more old it is, the higher the value appreciates as time passes by, coins that are produced long time ago have a higher substance of gold or silver in it I think, not to mention that it has been around and circulating for quite sometime is considered a part of history of course and The United States Mint is the one responsible in producing an adequate volume of circulating coinage for the nation to conduct its trade and commerce.

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