Saturday Madness!

I’ve been fuming mad at Globelines Telecoms! last Thursday, DH texted me before lunch that our internet and landline got disconnected. He immediately went to a nearby pay phone to report the incident, an added cost to our part you see! And so I did email the customer support too and make a follow up, but come awhile ago when I went to Megamall to buy a Smart bro prepaid kit so I could still go online and do my online tasks since I know that restoration will not be happening soon (it took a month and a week before they did take action on our previously reported disconnection incident out of nowhere) I went to nearby Globelines Center and did make a follow up again. Upon checking my telephone number, the CSR told me that it was only reported this morning. It means that the CSR that attended to DH queries didn’t submit our reported complaint. What kind of customer service is that?! I wanted to scream and make scene at that time, but thank God I was able to get hold of it. All we could do now is to wait again, as to when? that I could not answer. Atleast I now have a back up tool to get connected to the internet anytime. thanks to my online friends for the suggestion. I immediately went outside and search the department store to find a nice cocktail dress that my niece will be needing for their personality development class. I even searched online and found some good designs at, I will be asking later my niece to look at it and ask if we could just order online.

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