Sporting a New Camera

I love to take pictures even during my younger years, it has been my hidden passion since then. I even wanted to take photography class when I was in college, but financial limitation was one of the issues at that time. I am just so glad that nowadays, photography has taken its way too far from where it used to be. Tools used has also taken its way in capturing great shots, talk about technology advancement.
I really wanted to own a DSLR, but I just couldn’t afford it at this time and not to soon I guess since we still have lots of expenses to take care of first, I just have to content myself with a digicam. Though I could say that it was worth it too and serves me well during important occasions and has been dependable to my photography and blogging needs. least to say that it more convenient to use as it does not need an extra big bag for storage. Very handy and mobile to use. We went to mall this afternoon and saw lots of new cameras that are now out in the market. I am sporting this one point and shoot that has features that of the same with DSLR, I just fell in love with at an instant. I am crossing fingers to have it.

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