Shifting Career

A friend of mine has been contemplating on shifting career, she has been working for quite sometime now in a work environment that she’s not really fit to be in.Oh how I can relate with her, though on a different situation wherein I am really getting bored here at work. Back at my friends’ story, she really wanted to enroll in one of the cosmotology schools that her parents in US found for her, all she has to do is work on the papers so she could fly in the soonest possible time, I must say that she must have really find the passion that she wants for so long. Ever since we were in college, she’s really good at doing our make-ups whenever there are special occasion. She could really pass for a professional make up artist level. Everyone’s all praise with her works. She do earn from it as well whenever there are occasions that requires her service. Now that she have really made up her mind to go full time, all we could do is support her in her decision for we know how happy she is and it’s her really craft as well.

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