Nice Rug Design

We’re not yet done fixing things around the kitchen as we are still short with the budget. Hopefully it will be finish over the weekend. We have bought some of the necessary things need and I already did clean the kitchen sink and did brushed and mopped the floor. Everything’s spic and span. All we need to buy is materials needed for the lining of water and new faucets and everything’s set already. I did washed some of kitchen utensils and was really happy to see that we have almost the complete set except for the pans and some plates. I really wanted to buy a corelle set for that as I think its a good investment too as it is not easily broken during some falling accidents. There are still few things that we need to buy to beautify it like cute and funky decorations like wall frames that are food related I am also thinking of buying rugs, like the ones that I did see in the The Natural Rug Company.

I think this one will look good as it matches the one that we have at the receiving area, DH was hesitant at first as it needs proper maintenance and necessary cleaning every now and then, but the last say is on me here. LOL.

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