Kitchen Stuffs

These are the kitchen stuffs that were on top of my lists that I saw in Ikea and are must haves for our newly renovated kitchen. The peelers are really eye candies and so funky right?! I really love to buy and look at kitchen stuffs though I don’t really know how to cook. LOL! all I knew was to cook rice, fried eggs and hotdogs. ahaha! pathetic me. Good thing it was DH who has the passion for cooking, and I must say the he is really good, I am saying this not because he is my DH but other people who have tasted his dishes are all praises with his cooking styles, He got his talent from his late mom who is also a great cook. I am sure that he’ll be in condition to cook with these new utensils as they are really indeed nice catch. Or we will be having a few good and sumptuous meals every now and then as I know that he will be inspired to cook more when we get to purchase the ovens that we have long been eyeing on and frequenting on the mall every time we go the the appliances section at the mall.

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