Stylish Jewelry

I am not used to wearing too many accessories whenever I go out, with two kids in a tow there is no time for me to even have a retouch of makeup, that is if I am lucky enough to put on some before going to somewhere else with the kids. lol! But I do really love wearing jewelry. Oh well, I guess every woman do right?! For me, I prefer wearing a few as I don’t want to look as if I am a pawnshop queen. lol! A simple and elegant piece that is not too loud is what I want, as I live by the rule of simplicity is beauty. I love the classic styles of jewelry as I find it sophisticated and classy. It is just like wine that it becomes so great as time passes by. I found a lot lot of them at and I’m drooling over these as my faves. Hope I can buy them in the near future.

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