A Host That Never Fails

It’s been quite sometime now since my plans of relaunching my new blog. But having two blogs is giving me enough reasons to put off my plans as of the moment. With I and the kids getting sick, updating my blogs is of the least priorities now. I envy some friends who has their all time having seven to eight blogs and each and everyone is up to date with different interesting facts to share to their readers. Another thing why I am putting of the relaunch is that my internet provider is acting up every so often that leaves me pissed off with the kind of the services that they are giving me. One day connection is ok, the next day is such a hell day for me whenever I connect. A dial up is much more faster I swear! Next thing, the phone line is the one acting up. O h how can I blog with such kind of connection right?!

I am also looking into blog hosting issue. I have been reading different reviews and other concerns on whether to consider a webhosting or just rely on those free platforms. Oh well, issues on bandwidths and disk space are more often the most talked about thingy whenever one has decided to go and get one.

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