Signs To Follow

There are many signs everywhere that serves as guide for us in doing things, it serves as reminders for us to find better ways and directions whenever we are face in doubts on where to go. Just imagine places with no signs at all, more importantly in public places where we are not familiar with, confusions and clouds of doubt will definitely be among our fears.

Among the many signs that we saw every day are the signage of advertisements, traffic signs on highways and pedestrians, arrows and EXIT SIGNS. The latter one is very important during cases of emergencies like earthquake and fire cases, usually our minds during these situations are in panic and couldn’t think straight enough to arrive at a certain decision, but if we clearly see those exit signs our brain recognizes at once and send the message immediately to our body telling us where to go. So it is very much needed and should be place on areas where it is needed and should be very visible for us to see it at once.

Public places such as movie houses, offices(private and government ones), malls, parks, schools, museums should have the necessary Exit Sign in order to keep the place safe and away from harm during emergency situation, there are many cases that happened wherein because on non observance of these signage have put many lives on into risks, years ago a fire breakout in one of the disco pubs along the entertainment area along the metro and during the investigation made, the establishments failed to put up the very essential exit sign which led the people to confusion on where to go during the fire breakout. They have learned their lessons the hard way, only if they have followed the rules, such traumatic experiences will not happen, precautions should always be taken to avoid bad things to happen.

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