Online Biz For Me

I have actually been contemplating on putting up my online store months ago but my being employed in a company, with an 8-5 work schedule and having a 5 and soon to be 3 years old kids are keeping me off from the idea for a while. But with blooming expenses here and there, our earnings are not sufficient to make ends meet. Though I am really thankful to paid blogging for it really is big help for us, we still need an extra income. The little boy will be going to a nursery class next year and little girl would be in grade school by then. We really need to take risks and save up for the future as well. We’re positive that even though we are in crisis, we would still survive.
It’s a good thing as well that I didn’t get any credit cards before though I almost gave in while everybody else are insisting me that I should get get one, and now I am stress free from being bugged by those Collection Agency, in which my friends are now too sorry for getting themselves one. Oh well, having credit cards should be spent wisely and are to dealt with appropriately.

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