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Another tag from Cee. thanks again!

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To ..

  1. Forex box straight from Australia.
  2. Opening a new savings account for my paypal fund transfer.
  3. Gabby’s enrollment for 2009-2010 school year next week.
  4. Gabby’s summer class which ends this Friday.
  5. Nicco’s 3rd Birthday on May 24.
  6. Finish my Artscow photobook that is long overdue
  7. Setting up my online store
  8. or transfer to a new job!

8 Things I Did Yesterday ..

  1. Same old routine. office work!
  2. Surf the internet @ work
  3. Surf the internet, update blogs @ home
  4. Munch some Mauna Loa chocolates from my boss @ 8:00 p.m
  5. Bathe and feed the kids before hitting the sac
  6. Research on what bank should I open a new account
  7. talked to my sister over the phone, relaying a message from our kuya.
  8. watch late night news

8 Things I Wish I Could Do ..

  1. Sleep…sleep…sleep…sleep…
  2. be free from doing the household chores
  3. shop… shop… shop…
  4. Spend “me time” for about a whole day
  5. Treat my father to a round trip ticket to his hometown in Malay, Aklan and visit Bora too.
  6. Treat kids and hubby to family day out.
  7. Organize a reunion with my childhood friends
  8. Buy myself a laptop!

8 Shows I Watch ..

  1. Unang hirit and Umagang kay Ganda in the morning simultaneously. LOL!
  2. Wowowee. Only on Saturday.
  3. A hole in the Wall.
  4. 24 Oras
  5. Only You.
  6. Bitoy’s funniest, Imbestigador on Saturday…
  7. QTV Shows
  8. Going Bulilit, Rated K, Kapuso mo Jessica on Sundays.

If you may notice these are all local channels since we have terminated our cable subscription months ago, we do watch foreign shows via the internet and youtube. we’re cutting on bills expenses eh. 🙂

8 Ladies I am Tagging ..

  1. Betchay
  2. Khaye
  3. Nancy
  4. Vina
  5. Redge
  6. Rocks
  7. Anygen
  8. Enchie

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