Globe DSL

It’s been quite awhile since I made personal updates here. Many things had happened and I’ll try my very best to get into details one by one, one day at a time. Too many photos to share too. Good thing that our DSL will be installed anytime today. I applied with Globe’s 384 Kbps plan, that is landline plus internet last Saturday. I am impressed with the fast processing of our application. Unlike with our worst experience with PLDT, wherein we have applied with them a month ago and there is no assurance nor confirmation that our application is on process already, least to say the very inconsistent answers from those PLDT’s CSR we talked to. I just hope that Globe can deliver what they have promised too. Here’s what I need to blog this coming days:

  • Problems encountered with paypal/ eon account
  • Gabbys’ graduation photos
  • Swimming photos of kids
  • domain purchase of this blog
  • summer activities

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