Zenni on NYT!

I knew that my plans of buying a new eyeglasses has been long overdue, holidays are over yet there are still lots of expenses to take care of hence the reason for setting it up aside. Now that we are on economic recession, we must find ways on how to budget our money wisely. Eyeglasses offered at a near local score is kinda pricey so I am still in search for some cheap yet quality ones.


I was browsing the net awhile ago and saw Zenni Optical in the New York Times?!, the article was very timely and helpful as well most especially during this season wherein everybody was finding ways on how to make ends meet. This also mean that I can now pursue my plan to Seeing Straight Without Breaking Bank as we really need to be extra careful as to money matters. Seeing a wide variety of choices on colors, frames and designs I knew that I am on the right track budget wise. They are offering Prescription eyeglasses for only $8! I know not even local stores here could beat the price as low as that. Not to mention that their products are of the same quality and I think as competent as those signature brands that are offered here.

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