On Technology and Dating

The wonders of technology had gone too far already as to social activities are concerned. I remember the different styles of dating and courtship from my parents era and to our generation, there is a big difference as everything is so instant nowadays. I even told my guy friend that he may end up single for the rest of his life if he won’t act fast.
I suggested that he try online dating first as he told me that he is a very shy person and couldn’t speak up whenever the girl is in front of her. He even said that he had been turned down by younger women so many times already. I told him to browse the sites where he could find and end up dating older women. who knows cougar might be the one he’ll end up with.
As to some men, they really prefer cougars instead of younger women. They find them more mature and more pleasant to be with, and also young men prefer them too as they find them more interesting than women their age. Oh well, it depends upon what we really wanted right?! all I could do is suggest and help him out. I sound like playing cupid here eh?! LOL. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I don’t want him to be lonely and loveless again this time.

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