Monday Updates

Everyone has been in very good mood because of Pacquiao fever! nevertheless, he had really given a good fight! But sad news came upon on showbiz side. The death of a young star Marky Cielo! He is the 3rd Ultimate Sole Survivor of Starstruck(Talent Show) he died at a tender age of 20 years old. So many things ahead of him, high hopes, bright future, good career, but all taken from him in a snap. Oh well, we could never really question God’s will. All we could have for him is the great memories and inspiration he left for all of his fans out there.

As for personal tidbits: Ian And I attended christening of a co-worker yesterday at the Globe Telecoms Plaza 2 (Podium), just a stone throws away from the Robinson’s Pioneer. Food was great and we went home really full. Celebrant is so cute and welcome to the christian world Matthew Suarez. The place is nice that we had taken some photos at the play and pool area. will share photos we had at the occasion. will try to upload it tonight, and hope to finish the photobook that I’ve been doing since yesterday.

Regarding the BDJ planner, haven’t received it yet. I’m quite dissappointed since the seller told me that I will receive it the following day after I’ve placed my order. I’ve called the Air21 and told me that will get to have it within today. Hope it’s true.

Our little boy is sick, he has runny nose and cough. maybe it’s due to the weather condition, The temparature is quite cold during early morning (dawn). Christmas air is coming and it’s 17 days to go and it’s the Happiest Season of All!!!

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