Monday Sickness

……. I am so lazy to get up from bed this morning. I just want to laze around and stay home. But hubby has been waking me up twice already. Reminding me of things to do! I need to fix Gabby’s school things and her baon. I need to fix mine as well to be early and beat traffic on my way to the office.
I just punched in at exactly 8:04 a.m this morning. I am not late,just perfectly in time. I feel oh so low on a Monday morning. There are lot’s of paper on my table and sticky notes everywhere from my boss asking me to do this and do that. I went to the bank twice already this morning and will return after lunch for another series of bank transactions.
All I want is to surf the net and blog. I wanna go home and sleep again. OH!!! I am so tired. I think I need a break…


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