On My Eyeglasses

The last time I went to my Optometrist to have an eye check up was a year ago, and I think I need to go back since I think that my grade is no longer suitable for my eyesight now, and this means I need to have my eyeglasses replaced once again.
But my eyes grade are too high which requires me to have an ultra thin glasses. Choosing the right frame and the right grade would definitely require a costly budget since I don’t want to have that nerdy look on me if I chose those ordinary lenses in the market. Least to say that most are not as dependable compared with the branded products quality and performance wise. But I have read an article on Chicago Tribune HERE which catches my attention on choosing my prescription glasses.
On a minimal budget I have now, I am so surprised and happy as well as I searched for cheap but quality eyeglasses on the net. Good thing that zenni optical has a huge selection of prescription eyeglasses products at a very low prices. And I am so glad that they have a variety of fashionable and funky frames that I can choose from. This means that I can save and even buy more since their shipping and handling charge is 4.95 regardless of how many a consumer will buy and you got a very nice quality glasses for $8.

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